Over the next century,
humanity will face numerous trials.

Our bulging population will cause shortages in the resources we need to survive. Natural disasters and diseases will continue to ravage the earth. This should be cause for solidarity among humans, yet we still live in a heavily divided world. If we wish to preserve our place on this planet, we must each be part of the solution.

HOW seeks to educate people in the skills needed to confront tomorrow’s challenges and unite us so that we may face them as one. Further, we will support those who put their efforts towards solving the world’s most difficult problems.

Together, we can rise above the challenges our species faces.

We are HOW.

We are one species living on one planet with one future. The world faces many problems and discovering solutions will not be a quick or easy process.

HOW is our survival threatened?

The problems we face are severe, as well as the difficulties in finding solutions.

HOW seeks to overcome both through the most valuable resource on this planet:

human beings.


Unfortunately, there are many problems internal to our society that must first be addressed before we can reach our full potential and work together.

HOW is humanity struggling?

These three problems internal to humanity combined with the three previously mentioned problems that threaten our survival will be the primary focus of HOW.


The challenges the planet faces are too great for any one person to solve. We must educate and organize people from around the world if we wish to succeed.

HOW will we do this?

  1. We will provide online educational opportunities for children K-12 around the world with focuses in the six key areas: math, science, foreign language, cultural studies, critical thinking, and problem solving.
  2. We will sponsor exchange experiences for those in K-12 as well as secondary school. These experiences will bring together students from various backgrounds to have them develop problem solving and critical thinking skills while working on problems that the world faces.
  3. We will fund research projects that are dedicated to solving problems around the world.
  4. We will unite people from across the globe who seek to solve problems together as well as those who wish to give visibility to various issues, all through the HOW website.
  5. We will hold the HOW Conference each year that will give researchers, nonprofits, and everyday people the opportunity to present their solutions to problems around the world as well as network with each other and those who would seek to fund their endeavors.

Right now, the best way to help is to spread the word. Together, we can overcome the problems that humanity faces.

We are Humans Organizing for the World.
We are HOW.

For more information about any of these initiatives, how to get involved, or to give comments or suggestions, please email us at info@wearehow.org